Dr. Farzaneh Osati, MSc, PhD, ND

Dr. Farzaneh Osati (MSc, PhD, ND) is an Immunologist, licensed Naturopathic Physician and certified Bowen therapist. Before embarking on Naturopathic Medicine, she received her undergraduate degree in Public Health and pursued her Master’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, followed by a PhD in Patho-Immunology at Michigan State University. She is a certified acupuncturist and IV Nutritional therapist.


With special interest in pain management, autoimmune disease and healthy aging, Dr. Osati tailors her recommendations and treatment plans to the patient’s medical condition and vital force.

Dr. Osati respects and values conventional medicine and believes that both conventional and naturopathic medicine can go side by side to complement each other.


A strong belief in the body’s healing capacity and incorporating the pillars of naturopathic medicine, treating the root cause and the whole person, allow Dr. Osati to create the best level of care for her patients.